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Onur Demir

Onur Demir Director

Onur Demir was born in 1978 in Istanbul. He attended Suadiye Turhan Mediha Tansel Elementary School and Ahmet Şimşek College before graduating from Anabilim High School. He graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Yeditepe University and was a founding member of Yeditepe Music Club, one of the university's first clubs, where for two years he acted as President. He also played an active role as a team leader for many events. During his time at university, he worked for organizations such as the OECD on a part-time basis to gradually prime himself for professional life. He began his professional career in 2003 at Truva Avize Sanayii, a family business, where he gained experience in production, design, marketing and sales. Onur Demir later became acquainted with Urban Transformation at the Erenköy branch of Truva Avize, and consequently found himself in the Real Estate industry. He then joined Coldwell Banker, where he completed his training and gained further experience. Afterwards, he began working for Central Property, a contracted Nef resale and rental company, proving his worth in real estate project sales and rentals. Having now started with the Experium Real Estate and Consulting firm, Onur Demir continues his career as the Director of Experium.

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Ozan Akın

Ozan Akın Consultant

Ozan Akın was born in 1992 in Istanbul. In 2010, he graduated from Istanbul MNA Anatolian High School and in 2016 from the Department of International Relations at Sakarya University. At Nef he served as a resale consultant for one year, where he acquired experience in portfolio management, customer relations, sales and after-sales solutions. He gained real estate experience by getting involved in the project delivery and reselling processes of the Nef 03, Nef 12, Nef 13 projects. Ozan Akın continues his career as a Real Estate Consultant at Experium.

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Betül Başgör

Betül Başgör Senior Consultant

She was born in 1987 in Istanbul. She started her professional life as a partner of Citipac Express, which has been active in the logistics/cargo industry since 2006. She was responsible for the management of advertising, marketing, public relations and customer service departments of the firm. The journey of Citipac Express began with a single warehouse in Istanbul and in a short while developed into seven large warehouses in Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Denizli, Bursa and Manisa. It is now established and well-known in the industry. In mid-2013, she decided to get away from the intensive workload and the stress, so transferred her shares and took a break. She entered into the real estate industry with Coldwell Banker with which she became acquainted during the same period. Upon deciding to specialize in real estate, she took her real estate technical and sales training from leading experts in the industry. She has been involved in projects of luxury housing sales and in the resale of residential and commercial properties, where her work has been a resounding success. Today, her commercial and residential property expertise in sales and leasing and her achievement of absolute customer satisfaction has come together in her work as a Senior Real Estate Consultant in Experium Real Estate and Consultancy, which pursues special projects such as Nef.

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Murat Korkmaz

Murat Korkmaz District Manager

Murat Korkmaz was born in 1978 in Istanbul, After completing his elementary school education at Lütfi Erçin Elementary School, he went to Saint Benoit French High School before graduating from the Department of French Language and Literature at Istanbul University. His career that started initially during his schooling, when he held a seasonal internship and later progressed to customer relations and assistance services in a professional capacity at foreign based companies, finally moved on to export and import companies. Through his special interest in the real estate industry, he has channeled the sales, marketing and customer management skills he acquired over a number of years and consequently has joined Coldwell Banker to become an accomplished Real Estate Investment Consultant. He has continued his development in the Commercial Property and Luxury residential fields, for which he has a particular talent. Today, he continues to advance in the industry in his capacity as the Regional Sales Manager of the Experium Real Estate and Consulting firm.

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Ayşe Nur Şirin

Ayşe Nur Şirin Consultant

Ayşe Nur Şirin was born in 1989 in Manisa. She graduated from Afyon Kocatepe University's Vocational School of Higher Education, where she specialized in computer technologies and programming in 2009. Immediately afterwards, she started her professional career in a computer company as a customer and technical service employee. She then worked for two years at a company that provided organizational services in bookkeeping and organization. Later, she continued to work as a sales consultant for a technology company. Şirin, who has targeted the construction industry after her career change decision, is currently continuing her career in Experium Real Estate and Consulting firm, dealing with the resale and rental of Nef and non-Nef project products.

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Merve Akbaş

Merve Akbaş Consultant

Merve Akbaş was born in Istanbul in 1991. She completed her high school education at the private Okyanus College. In 2011, she graduated from the Department of Radio, Cinema, and Television in the Faculty of Communication at Istanbul Aydin University.She started her professional career while still at university, taking part in the field sales and corporate work of concept firms such as Mudo. After her graduation, she developed her career in the field of Advertising and Marketing and worked as a Corporate Marketing Officer at Doga College for two years. After gaining experience with corporations such as Mudo and the private Doga College schools, she switched in 2014 to the agency side of the advertising industry to gain experience in this field by joining the Dimi Advertising and Promotion Agency as a brand manager. While working with the Dimi Advertising Agency, she provided service to several global brands including Garanti Bank, Efes, Nestle, Bacardi, Columbia and Samsung. In 2015, she joined ARK Organization, an investor company of Dimi Advertising Agency, as the Advertising Operations and Purchasing Officer. She was instrumental in the realization of one of the largest youth festivals in Turkey, the Arçelik Winterfest, during her time at ARK, where she worked for two years. She also participated as a senior officer in other organizations such as Rock'n'Coke, Summerfest, Bebek Fest and ChillOut. By 2016, she wanted to focus in sales after departing from her current job and running a three-month sales project with Timur Real Estate - a NEF company. She joined the Central Property family, a business partner of NEF built on a relationship of mutual satisfaction and trust. She likes practicing her special culinary recipes, experiencing different tastes, traveling, meeting new people, and photographing happy moments and the miracles of nature. She continues her career as a Consultant with Experium Real Estate Investment and Consultancy.

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Büşra Öztin

Büşra Öztin Consultant

Büşra ÖZTİN was born in Istanbul in 1991. She finished Istanbul Ataturk Girls Technical and Anadolu Vocational High School in 2009. She later graduated from the Fashion and Design Department at Ege University in 2012. After graduating from university, with the goal of pursuing a career in the textile industry, Büşra Öztin started her professional life as a designer of accessories in a fashion house with overseas connections in Izmir. Following this work experience, in order to gain competence in customer relations, planning, production and manufacturing processes in the textile sector, she developed her career by becoming involved as a planning and customer representative officer with two different textile companies. In 2016, she became a customer relations officer responsible for developing customer data, determining delivery and production processes, designing activities and retail and corporate wholesale (architect's offices) in a furniture company by the name of Living Karma - Exclusive Furniture & Cafe/Juice Bar in Bali, Indonesia. The company operated with a detailed and meticulous production processes that is designed by an experienced design team. Büşra Öztin continues her career as a real estate investment consultant at Experium Real Estate. She likes visiting ceramic and sculpture exhibits, following art activities, frequently visiting bookstores and antique bookshops, and traveling and discovering new places at every opportunity.

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Arman Gülyayla

Arman Gülyayla Consultant

Arman Gülyayla was born in Istanbul in 1979. In 1993, he finished Feriköy Secondary School. That same year, he started working in Gülyayla Apparel Manufacturing and Wholesale Company, which was established in 1976 and specialized in children's textiles.In 2013, the company ceased operations due to the monopoly of large firms and the downturn of the economy. He spent some time in the field of women's footwear e-commerce between 2013 and 2015, and was a manager at Sibel Akagay Tasarım Ayakkabı. Arman Gülyayla , who also ran a café business from 2015 to 2017, continues to provide consulting services at Experium Real Estate with his experience of nearly 24 years.

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